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Shelfmark Industrial Visibility Platform

Shelfmark’s modular, practical AI vision systems drive revenue, prevent loss, and reduce labor costs for the world’s leading manufacturers and retailers.
Dashboard of Shelfmark software showing images of store shelves and data chartsdifferent images rotating through of the same shelf with various levels of inventory

Shelfmark automates retail and manufacturing inventory management, asset tracking, and quality control to save you time and money.

You spend millions on ERP software and manual labor to run your operations. Shelfmark’s industrial visibility platform automates your team’s most labor-intensive and mundane tasks.

Catch shrink and drive revenue with less cost.

Grocery shrink skyrocketed to $112B in 2023. Prepared foods is the #1 grocery priority for 24% of customers in the next 12-18 months. Are you equipped to tackle the industry’s most pressing needs? Drive high-margin sales and reduce shrink with Shelfmark's inventory visibility powered by AI machine learning.

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Limit out of stocks, improve freshness to drive revenue
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Identify and monitor shrink
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Reduce operational labor costs
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Prioritize prepared foods

Save time and money on quality control and inventory management.

Manufacturers struggle with labor-intensive indirect costs such as quality control and inventory management. 2.1M manufacturing jobs could go unfilled by 2030. Shelfmark visibility solutions automate quality control and inventory management. Automate your hard-to-fill roles and allow your staff to focus on activities that drive revenue.

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Re-assign your staff to more value-add roles to solve labor shortages
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Comply with asset audit requirements and prevent theft
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Eliminate manual cycle counts and drive revenue in fulfillment
Automate hard-to-fill roles

The tools you need to resolve your operational blind spots

Inventory Visibility

View inventory photos and data from anywhere with Shelfmark cameras and computer vision AI. Shelfmark’s machine learning-powered reports and real-time notifications drive revenue, mitigate shrink, and reduce labor costs.

Asset Tracking

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Monitor your most valuable assets from anywhere with Shelfmark’s IoT trackers and geo-platform. Be notified of non-compliance and at-risk assets to meet audit requirements and reduce theft risk.

Quality Control

Shelfmark proprietary QC technology identifies defects directly at the source to improve quality rates. Shelfmark’s automated technology standardizes defect identification and dramatically reduces labor costs.

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“We’re so excited to be able to finally track our shelf inventory and know exactly what is available. We’ve never had that level of detail before.”
Timothy Xander

How can Shelfmark help your business?

Learn how Shelfmark drives revenue, mitigates theft, and reduces labor costs for the world’s leading brands.

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How can Shelfmark help your business?

Learn how Shelfmark drives revenue, mitigates theft, and reduces labor costs for the world’s leading brands.

Schedule a Demo