Our Story

Shelfmark is the inventory visibility platform that gives you insights from the single source of truth: the shelf.

Shelfmark's shelf visibility platform is powered by simple, easy to install, wireless IoT cameras that provide real-time visibility into shelf stock levels - to identify shrink, spoilage, and allow you to better service your shelf. Shelfmark's data platform and API provide real-time and predictive stock levels to retailers, suppliers and eCommerce channel platforms to drive sales, reduce spoilage, and simplify your employees' tasks.

Get access to unprecedented product data and optimize your retail operations. Stop blindly stocking, and confidently know that you have the needed product in hand.

We build technology that solves people’s problems. We don’t build for the sake of building.

We take a hard-nosed blue-collar approach to tech. We will not be outworked.

We are never satisfied and will never stop improving. We don’t obsess over products. We obsess over helping people.

Leadership Team

Pat O’Donnell
Founder & CEO
Ron Gabriel
Head of Business Development
Craig Markovitz
Billy Kunz

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