August 31, 2023

Unleashing the Value of On-Shelf Data Across the Retail Vertical

As retail becomes increasingly data-centric, on-shelf data stands out as a transformative tool. By offering granular insights into in-store inventory, it has the potential to multiply value across the entire retail vertical. Let's delve deeper into how on-shelf data can revolutionize Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG), Direct Store Delivery (DSD), and Retail operations.

The CPG Advantage

In the context of CPG companies, on-shelf data can be a game changer. It offers unparalleled insights into the effectiveness of merchandising strategies, allowing for data-driven decisions that boost product visibility and sales. For example, by understanding which products perform best in specific store locations or at particular times, CPG companies can optimize their product placement strategies, enhancing their shelf appeal and driving increased purchases.

Furthermore, on-shelf data acts as a window into consumer behavior, revealing evolving purchase patterns, the latest social media craze, and preferences. By aligning their product development and marketing strategies with these trends, CPG companies can stay ahead of the competition, leading to better customer satisfaction, increased market share, and improved revenue.

Boosting DSD Operational Efficiency

When it comes to DSD operations, on-shelf data is a powerful ally. By providing accurate real-time restock counts, it enables DSD operators to finetune their delivery schedules and quantities. This optimization reduces backdoor congestion at stores, minimizes stockouts and overstock situations, and ensures products are readily available when consumers want them.

Moreover, real-time on-shelf data can flag discrepancies between delivery quantities and actual on-shelf availability. This allows DSD operations to address potential issues such as theft, misplacement, or data entry errors promptly before they impact sales and customer satisfaction. With on-shelf data, DSD operations can become more efficient, cost-effective, and agile in responding to market demands.

Impacts to Retailer's Omnichannel Fulfillment and More

For retailers, the benefits of on-shelf data are manifold. It underpins successful omnichannel fulfillment strategies by ensuring accurate stock data across both online and offline platforms. This accuracy is critical in today's retail environment where consumers expect seamless shopping experiences. Accurate on-shelf data can prevent situations where online customers order items that are out of stock in physical stores, thereby enhancing the customer shopping experience and boosting sales across all channels.

Moving Forward with Shelf Data

Harnessing on-shelf data can dramatically enhance customer satisfaction, streamline operations, and boost revenue across the retail vertical. Automated technologies, like smart shelves and on-shelf cameras, provide real-time, precise data with minimal human intervention. These tools, by enabling more accurate and efficient inventory management, can unlock significant value for CPG companies, DSD operators, and retailers.

If you're prepared to leverage the power of on-shelf data to supercharge your retail operations, reach out to Shelfmark today. Remember, success in today's retail environment doesn't just hinge on collecting data, but on harnessing it to drive strategic decisions and actionable insights.

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